Dealing with Death

"Gabriel Weston: He was very, very angry about the fact that he was going to die."
A young man, previously athletic and the picture of health discovers, due to sudden onset of acute symptoms, that he has a matter of weeks to live. An encounter as a resident, described by Gabriel Weston in The Independent.
"Your Feelings: Learning You Have Cancer", from the National Cancer Institute, stages of reaction to hearing of cancer diagnosis.

Agnostics Facing Death
Bob Z's blog (he died November 2009). His summary "I'm a retired psychology professor. In January 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage III esophageal cancer. I underwent radiation and chemotherapy. I underwent radiation and chemotherapy. In June 2009 the surgery to remove a stomach tumor and the esophagus was unsuccessful. After researching my options (additional chemotherapy or hospice), I decided to follow the palliative care path of hospice."

Dealing with Death if Cancer Becomes Terminal from Cancer Supportive and Survivorship Care.

Eight Ways to Cope with a Cancer Diagnosis