Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bugs and nuts in the ER

The ER yesterday was fairly busy but not nuts like last week.
A elderly, but ambulatory guy came in who'd acquired bedbugs from a piece of furniture from a pal which infested his house. He'd been placed in a contact room, which then was off-limits until some clean-up squad could come and de-infest the room.

I fetched medical records a couple of times. Various unglamorous tasks - more cups, sheets for PTs, passing along information to the charge nurse (a tad fierce) from a resident (probably intimidated). Taking samples up to the Lab or sending them up by tube. Getting food for PTs, water.

One elderly lady started out in the trauma room, got stabilized and then ended up in a bed in the ER. She'd have made her way to the ICU by now, but one wonders how many hours she spent in the ER.

One elderly lady was in great pain and clearly suffering some acute intestinal distress - she had smelly diarrhea and seemed to get catheterized (not very comfortable if you're not already anesthetized or out of it in some other way). She moaned in agony periodically.

A young man, early to mid 20s, brought his mum in for detox. Elderly lady, utterly tanked, but aside from that respectable seeming and well kept. The same drunk from last week also turned up for detox; he was better behaved this time. No stroppy attempts at violent threats this day. There was another man in the other contact room who was clearly out of his tree on something. He was moving all around on the bed, and pulling at something on his clothes that wasn't there, gesturing and muttering. He ended up sleeping with his head down the "wrong" end. Looked uncomfortable but at this point he was out cold and wouldn't have noticed.

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