Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yesterday was a significant day in some ways. Today was a slow day; I had to hustle for things to do. However, I did get to have a conversation with the lady next door to the lady I was writing about before. Fortunately, the lady I wrote about before did go home with her husband which is fabulous. So much nicer to be at home than in the hospital. I had overheard a conversation between her neighbor and a nurse practitioner (NP) regarding some test results. The news had not been good and now this woman was faced with a choice of undergoing arduous therapy one more time or not. Clearly, since they had left the choice to her they - the medics - held out little hope for any therapeutic value for it. Today, she'd pulled her curtain all the way across, obviously indicating a need for privacy. I did get to have a conversation with her. She seemed to be trying to keep her spirits up; I did get the impression she had decided not to go through more, probably unproductive, harsh therapy. She has several people visiting her throughout the day and so it seems like she has lots of support. That, at least, is one good thing.
I also had a really interesting and useful conversation with one of the nurses (Nurse T). She told me that after school you really need to work in a hospital for a year or so, to get that experience, since it's hospital work that's always your back up. She'd worked in a variety of places and is making her way back into hospital work. She mentioned friends of hers who had not had that hospital experience and who were now having trouble getting work.

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