Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charming conversation companion

Fairly busy in the ER today. Usual range of errands, pharmacy, medical records, samples to labs, and so on. I got to spend around a half hour with a lovely little boy whose sister was in the ED and was going to have a procedure. It'd be easier without him there. So, I took him around the ER and showed him the x-ray room and talked about all the stuff. Then we took a walk around the block and we talked about movies and  dinosaurs. He was such a sweet little fellow.
The usual detox guy was back again, asleep and thus completely non-threatening this time. There was one other guy in for detox and a completely drunk couple. The woman in this pair had clearly fallen badly and that's how they'd wound up there. She was on a gurney from an ambulance.
There was an older lady who'd broken her foot and cried out in agony several times while they sorted her out and put a cast on her.

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