Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things seen

Ascites - both alcholism related and non-alcoholism related (R/T lupus)
Sickle cell crises
Various cancers (brain, breast, intestinal, and others)
Other leukemias
Alcoholic detox
broken foot
child with boils (?)
man infested with bed bugs
kidney stone
diabetics with dehydration
older lady (around 60?) with seizures
post-surgical cardiac PTs
Acute respiratory distress
Acute GI distress
PT reporting melena (no other S/P)
Trauma - car accident (minor, soon discharged)
In trauma room, elderly lady resus'ed and intubated, then placed in bay in ER for admittance upon available bed.
Numerous falls and dehydration PTs (unusually hot summer)
Minor ailments treated: migraine, GERD, stomach ache, amongst others

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