Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slow day in ER

Usually the RNs etc, have the volunteer take/tube stuff up to the lab or blood bank, not today. That really reduced what I had to do. However, it was a slowish day in general in the ED. There were even a number of empty beds.
Today included:
Male PT, approx 60 yrs with scabies
At least 3 female PTs with ankle sprains (I think they were all wearing flip-flops)
Female PT, approx 25 yrs unconscious then had grand mal seizure on gurney (from ambulance), then back to unconscious state
Deceased elderly male in trauma room - body in bag and tagged, waited for family to arrive. I saw foot end, with wrap.
Family obviously very upset.
Escorted male PT to Detox (Addiction Institute) for admittance.

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